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When Should Students Register?

Students may register at any time, but we recommend that they register during their junior year. The Eligibility Center will evaluate a student’s academic credentials once the following information has been received, and the student has had their status requested by an NCAA member institution:
  • Completed online registration; 
  • Fee payment; 
  • SAT or ACT test score on file from the respective testing agency; 
  • Transcript(s) from all schools or programs attended.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How are Students Prioritized for Processing at the Eligibility Center?

Students who have their status requested by an NCAA institution are prioritized by the Eligibility Center for processing. Institutions make this request through the Institutional Request List (IRL) with the Eligibility Center. Once this happens, the student’s information may be processed if all information is complete. This includes online registration, fee payment, ACT or SAT test score on file from the testing agency and an official transcript from each high school attended. If a student's eligibility status is never requested by a member institution (the student is never placed on an institution’s IRL), the Eligibility Center may not process that student's certification.

College-Bound Student-Athlete Account Transfer Process

Effective Friday, October 1, 2010

Beginning October 1, 2010, all college-bound student-athletes will register on the new NCAA Eligibility Center website ( The NCAA Eligibility Center will no longer be sending college-bound student-athletes to different websites depending on their enrollment date. In addition to this change, the old website has become view only. This means the college-bound student-athlete can look at his or her data but cannot make any updates. College-bound student-athletes must transfer their account to the new website in order to update their information.
There are two possible paths that the college-bound student-athlete could choose: (1) if he or she has saved the old website address, they may attempt to log in there first; or (2) if he or she has not saved the old address, he or she should attempt to log in to Here is an overview of both paths:

Path No. 1 – user goes to

  • User lands on introduction page.
  • User selects the "NCAA College-Bound Student-Athletes" link.
  • User lands on the new website and can log in one of two ways:
  1. User enters e-mail address and PIN (if he or she has not transferred the account yet), which begins the transfer process;
  2. User enters e-mail address and password (if he or she has already transferred the account); or
  3. User creates a new account.
  • Depending on the option chosen, the user will follow the process until complete.

Path No. 2 – user goes to old website:

  • User lands on
  • User sees updated home page and selects the "Prospective Student-Athletes" link.
  • User is presented a page where there are three options to select from:
  1. User needs to register, so it refers him or her to;
  2. User needs to transfer his or her account, so the link starts the transfer process; or
  3. User wants to view data only, so it allows him or her to log in to the site.
  • Depending on the option chosen, the user will follow the process until he or she is complete.

The following are step to help you:

Path No. 1: User goes to website. User can log in with either their e-mail address and four-digit PIN (if he/she has not transferred his/her account already) OR e-mail address and password. If the user has not transferred his/her account already, the user is pulled into the transfer process within the new website. But if the user realizes he/she does not need to transfer, he/she can select the option to go back to the old website by clicking the link in the first paragraph.
Enter information here and click “Submit” to transfer your account to the new website.
If you choose to transfer your account to the new website, you will need to follow the instructions to walk you through the process.
If the user has already transferred his/her account, he/she cannot use the e-mail and four-digit PIN combination anymore. The four-digit PIN is deleted when the user creates a password. So after the user transfers, he/she must use his/her e-mail and password in order to access the account. If the user enters invalid log-in information, he/she will receive the following message.
Note: If the user has not yet transferred his/her account and does not remember his/her four-digit PIN, he/she will need to contact the NCAA Eligibility Center at 877/262-1492. If the user has forgotten his/her password used for the new website, he/she should use the “Forgot Password” feature on the home page.

Path No. 2: User goes to old website (

Selecting the "Prospective Student-Athletes" link will take the user here:
Selecting option No. 1 takes the user here (to
**The user enters the website and clicks “New Account” to register (process as it exists today)**
Selecting option No. 2 takes the user to the registered student login page (to begin the transfer process):
Notice the radial buttons: if option No. 2 is chosen, it will select the “Transfer Account” option by default, but the user can change it if desired.
When the user logs in, it starts the transfer process. The user can change his/her e-mail address at this point or simply confirm the e-mail address.
Confirm the desired e-mail address and click “Submit”. Follow the instructions on the screen.
When the user clicks on the link to go to the E-mail Address Verification page, the user will need to check his or her e-mail for the Verification Code, and then will need to enter it here.
When the user clicks “Submit”, it directs the user right into the Create Your Account process.
After the user completes the Create Your Account pages, he or she will proceed through the process just like all other new registrants.
Selecting option No. 3 takes the user here:
Notice the radial buttons: if the user chooses option No. 3, it will select the “View Information” option by default, but the user can change it if desired.
When the user logs in, he or she can visit these pages (all are view only):
If you still have questions or concerns about the account transfer process, please contact the NCAA Eligibility Center customer service staff at 877/262-1492.

Fee Waivers

Students in the free or reduced lunch program are eligible for fee waivers. After you start and complete your profile in the Eligibility Center Student Planner, make a note of your NCAA ID#. You must provide this id# to Mr. Mendoza in the College Center, Room B108, so that she can request a fee waiver for you. Some students may be considered eligible for fee waivers even if they are not on the free or reduced lunch program so please stop by the College Center and find out.

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