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College Degrees

What Is a Certificate Program?

Certificate programs are offered at career training schools, community colleges, career colleges, and online schools and allow students to learn specific career skills in order to obtain a job or specialize in their careers. Some students choose to obtain certification instead of obtaining a degree, while others take certificate programs to enhance the degrees they've completed.

What Is an Associates Degree?

Associates degrees are awarded to students who have completed 60 academic credits, usually through two years' worth of full-time study or longer if attending part-time. An associates degree can be earned at community colleges, career training schools, online schools, and some four-year colleges and universities. These degrees can be completed on campus or in online programs. An associates degree provides students with career training or helps prepare them to transfer to a four-year college or university.

What Is a Bachelors Degree?

Students can earn a bachelors degree by completing approximately 120 to 130 college credits, usually through four or five years of full-time study. Bachelors degrees are awarded by a variety of colleges and universities, including private universities, public universities, liberal arts colleges, career colleges, and online schools. These degrees can be completed through courses on a college campus or at an online school, or through a combination of classroom and online courses.
What Is a Masters Degree?
A masters degree is a graduate school program you can pursue after your bachelors degree. Masters degree classes allow you the opportunity to delve deeper into a specific field of study than you do before graduate school. Some careers require a masters degree, while others require the masters degree as part of a doctorate degree.